Daily Living Care LTD

About Us 

Our Services are for Adults 18 years and over who:

  • Require help with activities of daily living such as washing and dressing
  •  Require help accessing the community like visiting family and friends, outings, trip
  • Require help with paying rent or bills
  • Require help assessing the community for social events, appointments, trips or holidays
  • Have physical health and learning disabilities
  • Have mental health conditions
  •  Are in the last stages of life (Palliative Care)
  •  Are elderly and frail
  •  Require companionship
  •  Require emotional support

Our Values 

Care - Demonstrating respect, dignity, and empathy; providing support in a non-judgemental and person-centred way.

Welfare - Providing emotional and physical support; acting in the persons best interests promoting  independence, choice and well-being.

Safety - Protecting rights, safeguarding, reducing or managing risk to minimise injury or harm.

Security - Maintaining safe, effective, harmonious, and therapeutic relationships.